Priyadarshini Natarajan

Priya is an advocate in practice & qualified company secretary (LL.B & ACS) with more than 13 years of post-qualification experience in dispute resolution, transactions, and advisory in corporate, commercial & civil laws. Her expertise is in dispute resolution between shareholders, corporate advisory, as well as structuring, drafting and negotiating contracts and complex corporate documentation.

On demand, Priya collaborates with Pacta on matters of compliances & governance applicable to non-profit entities.
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Pacta is a full-service boutique law-firm for the social and impact sector.

Pacta provides legal & company secretary services for the biggest philanthropies, family foundations, NGOs, CSR entities, public trusts, start-ups, social incubators/accelerators, schools & universities.
The Pulse is Pacta’s in-house periodic newsletter that carries legal updates for the social sector. We decrypt legalese into digestible, relevant & actionable content. In every issue, we pick a subject – a new law, amendment or judgement and contextualise it for non-profit founders and administrators.


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