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Some civil society organisation work towards securing fundamental rights for various marginalised groups – victims of gender, class & caste-based violence/injustice, child trafficking, environment protection and such, by taking the fight for justice before the courts or judicial authorities. Other than this, non-profits typically do not indulge in fostering conflict and have very little inclination for litigation. If the need arises, we can support you on:
  • Legal Research
  • Public interest litigation;
  • Civil and commercial litigation
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)
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Pacta is a full-service boutique law-firm for the social and impact sector.

Pacta provides legal & company secretary services for the biggest philanthropies, family foundations, NGOs, CSR entities, public trusts, start-ups, social incubators/accelerators, schools & universities.
The Pulse is Pacta’s in-house periodic newsletter that carries legal updates for the social sector. We decrypt legalese into digestible, relevant & actionable content. In every issue, we pick a subject – a new law, amendment or judgement and contextualise it for non-profit founders and administrators.


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