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16 February 2021
The 2021 Budget laid out a 2X increase towards digital e-learning. With projections of an exponential rise in ed-tech services by 2022, the sector needs the attention of policymakers as well. The government must take considered measures to protect the interests of children and young adults. The question is: how does one regulate the complex private ed-tech sector? A middle-of-the-road 'Goldilocks' approach, that balances welfare with profitability, could address these issues.

By Nivedita Krishna & Deepanshi Sharma
23 January 2021
With the Covid-19 pandemic, a significant constituent of the ‘new normal’ is online-schooling.

By Nivedita Krishna & Deepanshi Sharma
23 January 2021
Schools and other educational institutions have been given conditional permission to resume physical classes as per the recent order of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The order marks the end of a strict six-month-long ban on physical schooling. But, can schools simply pick up from where they left off?

By Nivedita Krishna & Deepanshi Sharma
23 January 2021
Domiciliary reservation in private universities would fail the twin-test of reasonable classification for the same reasons as the NLSIU amendment did. What does the classification based on one’s place of residence achieve? How many years of residence should be mandated to qualify? Does it actually benefit those who are underprivileged in a state? To what extent should domiciliary reservations be allowed to dilute otherwise merit-based entrance systems?

By Nivedita Krishna and Deepanshi Sharma
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